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The Trance Works Hypnosis Clinic has helped countless individuals in developing the inner resources they thought weren't available to them to accomplish their goals and improve their lives.

We invite you to join them in taking the first step towards creating the life you deserve.

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Learn More About Hypnosis On Our Blog

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Connect With Steve P On Facebook

The Trance Works Hypnosis


Whether it be through 1-1 Sessions or Group Workshops in San Diego, CA, or through one of our Products in the comfort of your own home, The Trance Works Hypnosis experience is one designed to help you gain control over the thoughts, behaviors and attitudes that will create for you the life you want.

Steve Piccus and his trained hypnotists at The Trance Works have had success in helping people:

  • Stop Smoking Through Hypnosis
  • Use Hypnosis To Better Control Their Weight Loss
  • Improve Poor Self-Image And Build Self Esteem With Hypnosis
  • Utilize Self Hypnosis To Relieve Stress
  • Overcome Shyness Through Hypnosis
  • Using Hypnosis To Remove Obstacles Toward Success.

Since 1978, Steve Piccus has helped thousands of people remove the limiting beliefs and negative self-talk that had sabotaged them in the past. His ‘whatever it takes’ attitude lead him to study and integrate a variety of methods to quickly and effectively help people to accomplish their goals. His ability to switch between Shamanistic Hypnosis, Traditional Hypnosis, NLP, and Metaphysical / Energy Work and much more gives him the flexibility to help you achieve your goals.

The Trance Works Hypnotherapy is a process that incorporates Metaphysical Counseling, Hypnosis, and Energy Work. It resources and integrates a variety of techniques such as:

  • Past Life Regression
  • Chakra Cleansing And Chakra Work
  • Guided Inward Journeys
  • Connecting To Your Guides And Masters
  • Huna and Shamanistic Techniques
  • And More

Under Steve’s direction, The Trance Works staff is dedicated to helping people all over the world in obtaining the results they want through hypnosis training and products.

What People Are Saying

"Steve Piccus is among the most powerful hypnotists in the world. He and his hypnosis partner gave me my much-coveted Inner Game and more. This was a whole new level of game. He was giving me super powers."

Neil Strauss
-Neil Strauss
NY Times Best Selling Author

"It is an understatement to say Steve Piccus is a radical therapist. I am awed by the life-changing results he obtains with his unique techniques."

Richard Sutphen
-Dick Sutphen
Best Selling New Age Author

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